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How Sheridan went from difficulties finding dates to confidently dating twice a week within 30 days.

Watch this interview with Sheridan where we discuss him going from having difficulties getting on dates to feeling confident and dating twice per week within 30 days. Here's what we cover:1. Where Sheridan was before working with me.2. How Sheridan makes the dates fun for himself and the ladies. 3. How Online Dating can be a game changer. 4. How Sheridan now practices meeting and engaging with women through cold approaches. 5. Books on dating versus coaching. 6. How Sheridan's personal habits changed not only the way he felt in general, but also the way this influenced how he behaved with women 7. What's important when thinking of men and women and attraction. And more... Sheridan's #1 piece of advice for men in dating: Be open about some new ideas even if they sound against what people are telling you how things are supposed to be. Or how the media is telling you things are supposed to be. Take control, take the initiative and lead the way. Women love to be lead! They crave it, they don't even know it.

How Alexander went from being shy on dates to getting chased by women

Watch this interview with Alexander where we discuss him going from being shy on dates to getting chased by women.Here's what we cover. Where Alexander was before working with me 2. How Alexander overcame his shyness approaching women (and people in general) 3. How Alexander makes dates romantically focused and avoids the dreaded friendzone. 4. How to meet and date women creatively 5. What's important to notice before moving into a relationship with someone. 6. How succes in dating fuels success in other areas of life. And more...Alexander's #1 piece of advice for men in dating:Don't focus on the results, focus on the action!

How Jonathan found love and ensured a strong relationship afterwards

Watch this interview with Johnathan where we discuss how Jonathan found his current girlfriend and ensured the relationship was long lasting.

(Jonathan's voice is anonymized).

Here's what we cover:1.

Where Johnathan was before working with me and his goals in dating and romance.



The primary goal is for you to become happier and get results you are looking for. We will provide you with a solution that fits your particular case. We are here to listen to you and to support you and guide you until you are where you want to be".


We will provide you with an absolute overview on how to be more confident and social. We will also focus on communication techniques, social cues and mindset. You will become more outgoing, know how to approach, date and be in a relationship with women.


We are in this together. When you join our course, you will join others who are also taking action to improve their lives. Connect and share experiences with like minded people.


You will be guided all the way until you reach your goals through video calls and our mentoring group. No question remains unanswered. You will also have access to emergency coaching sessions.

About Thierry

Thierry Robert is the founder of The Dating Scholar. As many others out there, his youth involved being challenged socially and romantically. However 'pain is weakness leaving the body' and these experiences, years of mentoring and an iron solid will to improve made Thierry grow to a whole new person much more appealing to women.After working in education for many years, leading lots of projects on children's socialization, Thierry started a business back in 2014 consulting large schools on how to organize themselves more effectively all while maintaining an active dating life. He got inspired to combine his professional, social and mentoring insights to build The Dating Scholar. He realized that women out there are hungering for real men who understand attraction. Many men have the potential but get stuck in nice-guy mode / insecurities or in general have no clue on how to excite women romantically.He is now coaching men around the world on how to build the skills and mindset to lead a more fulfilling personal and social life and be able to find a romantic partner through proper dating and seduction on a level where


  • We work with adult men. It doesn't matter if you are young, midage or older. Attraction and connection happen at all ages and it's never too late to improve the way you go about this.

  • Whether you are single, dating or in a relationship you can benefit from the coaching. If you are in a relationship that is going sideways, we will show you how to make her fall in love with you all over again.

  • You can lead a professionally busy life while being coached. The program is highly flexible and suits your needs.

  • The spots are limited each season. We keep the amount of attendees relatively low to ensure that we have time to work closely with every mentee, keeping the quality high. You can hear more about our availability when you schedule a call.

  • There is nothing like your first 1st date. You should be excited about this opportunity to finally get this going

  • We focus on fundamental principles as a philosophy on how attraction works between men and women. We teach men to be more self-reliant, well-rounded and to bring out their personality in an appealing way. \"Pick up artists\" focus on tricks and doing/saying deceptive and inauthentic things. Any disrespect towards women is not accepted in our mentorship.